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(Updated) It turns out that I really do not like Docker

I tried it, it was good for a while, but… Ugh… it’s just not as smooth as it seemed at first. I mean, for a lot of folks I imagine that it’d be well worth using, and it definitely has it’s advantages but for me I just can’t find myself liking it. It adds a lot more steps than normal to a lot of the stuff I want to do and I’ve found it causing issues with my Network configuration… somehow? I still stand by it being a good piece of software, it just ain’t my cup of tea.

(Original Article) I tried out using Docker recently…

…And I wish I had began using it sooner. Oh my, how amazing this platform is. Being able to go from making some quick changes in my sites, to testing it locally, and then having it live on the web in just two commands is an amazing thing. Docker makes this really nice and easy to do, and should:tm: hopefully mean I actually update my sites more than once or twice a year still probably won’t happen eh.

I especially like how Docker just makes working with stuff easier. No more needing to fight Node and Ruby so they don’t install in a half-broken half-not-broken way, just like Todd Howard says, It Just Works:tm:.

This is a very nice thing because it also means my host (running Gentoo/Linux) isn’t polluted with all the stuff I may install to test and see if it works or not. Docker is also really lovely as it makes developing stuff a super smooth process, especially this site running on Jekyll. I don’t think I’d really be able to make a definitive list of why things feel easier and smoother, it might be due to how easy it is to start, stop and update containers. Another major benefit is having all your sites content in the image, so you can have a single source code folder and have both production and dev inside it, without the need of git or branches (this isn’t recommended since rolling back any damage you could do would be more work than necessary but hey if you’re like me it’s a thing you might like).

I’ll probably have more to write about once I start using Docker more and more but for now that’s pretty much all I have to say. If any of you are like me and are trying to deny the Docker life, don’t. Docker makes everything easier. Dockerise your life.

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